Crossing the river ...
Working with communications, you often find yourself in need of getting a point across - or to bridge a gap between a sender and a recipient. However, there might be multiple groups of people you can choose to communicate to. How do you navigate, and how do you achieve this without sinking into the river?
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The Snow Ball effect
How can you move your work from an uphill struggle to a strategic position that works with you and not against you? How do you build a momentum where the circumstances work in your favour?
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MyAction crowdfunding
Today, we released our first crowdfunding portal based on the Cornerstone platform. MyAction (Norwegian: MinAksjon) is a portal with lots of participating nonprofits working in relief, aid and missions.
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New Apps coming
We recently launched a new iPhone membership App for Cornerstone, and we are already waiting for version 2 to be approved. Friday we sent in 2 more Apps for approval. One iPhone App for writing articles on the run, and one Android App doing the same.
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Apostles vs. Prophets
Many who focus on the biblical functions of apostles and prophets in the church tend to advice that prophets should give directions, and that apostles should lead the people in that direction. If that´s your governing paradigm, you are up for a long walk in the wilderness.
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Break my heart for what breaks Yours
The ultimate worship of our Lord is caring for His children. We, the church, are called to be His hands and feet on earth - to perform acts of compassion and to provide hope for everyone.
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