Jesus is my life, my love, my all

I believe that I am created in God's image. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God. If you find all that strange, please read on ...

I have always pondered the question of why we are indeed put on this earth. What is my purpose in life?

To me, the most unlikely position would be that there is no almighty being behind it all. I mean; just take a look around - it can't all come out of nothing! To me, that's an impossible thought.

Looking at the world religions, I find something quite different when I study Jesus and the Christian faith. All the other faiths seem to circle around me as someone who's supposed to make God content. So I need to do this and that, and I must work diligently to avoid the wrath of God. But when I look at the God of the Christian faith, I find someone who is deeply concerned with me - someone who took it upon himself to become someone like me, to walk this earth, and to humble himself to rescue me. I don't want to argue that God should be made in my picture - on the contrary - but the God who became man is something that intrigues me. The stories about Jesus in the Bible seem trustworthy to me, and the Jesus I have experienced in my life, as well as in the lives of loved ones, is someone who seeks fellowship with me.

I see God as my very best friend. In fact, Jesus called his Disciples exactly that - bestowing them with that extra honor. But Jesus also said that we needed to put him as Master of our lives, and that he needed to come first. So Jesus is not about getting just another casual friend. Connecting with Jesus is about reconnecting with your own life and its very purpose, and it's about acknowledging that the reason for your being was not decided upon by yourself. God has an ultimate plan both for humanity and yourself, and he invites you to take part in it. He invites us to partner with Him in everyday life, and to become his hands and feet in outreach to our fellow men.

God created me for fellowship with him. That was destroyed ages ago, and the bonds that were meant to be at our core, were broken. Jesus took the blame for all of this, and opened the door for you and me into the fellowship of our Father. If you want to accept this for yourself, let me know, and I will help you in taking the final steps.

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