MyAction crowdfunding

Today, we released our first crowdfunding portal based on the Cornerstone platform. MyAction (Norwegian: MinAksjon) is a portal with lots of participating nonprofits working in relief, aid and missions.

MinAksjon (meaning: My Action) was released on November 14th 2012, and consists of four intertwined web pages:

The concept is to encourage as many people as possible to create their own campaigns, and to promote them to their friends, family and co-workers etc - for donations. Each campaign chooses one project/cause from the participating non-profits. There are strict and consistent conditions for which nonprofits can submit their causes for inclusion in campaigns. As is evident from the domain names of the web sites, the packaging of the My Action concept is revolving around significant life events. We have chosen this deliberately as we believe deeply in this approach to leverage the power of crowdfunding through existing relations.

If you are a nonprofit operating in Norway and want to participate, send us an email at

The MinAksjon portals are built using the Cornerstone platform and its Fundraising module. If you want to discuss other and more custom uses for it - to serve your organization - let us know.

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