My education

2008: Executive MBA

Executive MBA in strategy and leadership from Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.

2004: Project management

Project management from Østfold University College

2002: Media studies

Analysis of web based media, The University of OsloDepartment of Media and Communication

1997-2000: Research scientist

Research scientist at The University of OsloDepartment of Informatics

Doing research within topics of programming language mobility, software change management and and automated program extraction from data sets - getting published with some of the most respected scientific journals and conferences globally.

1996: M.Sc. in computer science

M.Sc. in computer science, The Norwegian Institute of Technology (now: The Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Doing research in artificial intelligence with emphasis on theorietical issues of analysing time series based on rough set theory as well as solving those NP-Hard problems with genetic algorithms.

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