Fractal logic - a new approach to intelligent systems theory

- Project report, The Norwegian Institute of Technology
This paper introduces the term Fractal Logic and discusses in what ways the ideas subsumed under this heading may offer a new approach to intelligent systems theory. The goal is to design a system that can demonstrate intelligent behaviour. Fractal Logic is not a logic in the strict mathematical sense of the word. It is more of a concept. Four main areas of investigation on which fractal logic rely are: neuroscience, fractals, rough sets, and genetic algorithms. A background for these four areas is given before the concept of Fractal Logic is presented. Fractal modelling is suggested for the modelling of the processes of the human brain. Rough set theory is suggested for decision support based on fractal models. Genetic algorithms are suggested for the evolution or learning within these models.

Keywords: Neuroscience, fractals, rough sets, genetic algorithms
Category: Project report
Status: Project report at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Course 45073: Computer Science Projects

Fractal logic - a new approach to intelligent systems theory
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